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Foundational Skills Kits


SRA Open Court Reading Foundational Skills Kits for grades K-3 provide classroom-proven, systematic, and explicit instruction to help students learn the basics of reading and writing.

These easy-to-use kits are carefully crafted to enable your students to decode and encode written language - skills that become their basis for not only reading and writing fluency but reading comprehension as well.

Students learn to associate sounds to spellings through a careful series of lessons in the Teacher Guides. The lessons incorporate the use of 44 sound/spelling cards - a method that is unique to SRA Open Court Reading.

The Foundational Skills Kits for Grades K-3:

  • Complement any core reading and language arts program for additional foundational skill instruction and practice.
  • Supplement any guided reading or leveled reader program, linking reading with essential foundational skills.
  • Work as a stand-alone program for any student needing foundational skill instruction.
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