Canadian Test of Basic Skills Revised (CTBS-R)



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Canadian Test of Basic Skills Revised (CTBS-R) measures student achievement and growth across a continuum of rigorous updated learning standards from Kindergarten through Grade 12.CTBS-R enables administers and educators to:

  • Identify high and low achieving students
  • Make decisions for grouping of students
  • Plan instructional emphases
  • Measure growth of learning
  • Evaluate effectiveness of instruction
  • Report to parents on student progress
  • Indicate college and career readiness
  • Engage students

The CTBS-R is a group administered assessment completed with paper and pencil. Students fill in answer sheets or test booklets depending on the level of test they are completing.Nelson Education Ltd. offers scoring services for CTBS-R test booklets and answer sheets. Scoring services allow schools to view, customize, sort and edit reports prior to printing them through an online platform. If you require any assistance or an online demonstration, please contact your Nelson Scoring Services team.

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