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The Third Path was developed in response to issues being faced by today’s Canadian educators related to addressing mental and emotional health, cultural and gender identity, racism, and violence prevention, as well as other areas of diversity, equity, and well-being.

The Third Path Implementation Workshop

This full-day implementation workshop is designed to equip educators to implement The Third Path into their schools to address mental and emotional health, cultural and gender identity, racism, violence prevention, diversity, equity, and well-being.

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It views education as a journey of human development, not just for the student, but for the educator too.

The Third Path focuses on the how of education. The how is twofold: subjects should be taught through a Relationship-Based Approach, and within the Eight Conditions. The Relationship-Based Approach puts relationships first, and clarifies that it is through strong adult/child relationships that students learn and grow. The Eight Conditions extend the Relationship-Based Approach and describe in greater detail the hierarchical series of needs that create an environment for all students to thrive.

The Eight Conditions

There are eight hierarchical conditions that support student well-being and academic achievement. Together these create an environment for students to flourish. Educators can start by strengthening any condition. However, if progress is difficult, they should consider focusing on the condition that precedes it.


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Authors Bios

David, Lori and Tom all live in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario but come from very separate walks of life. Once they met, they quickly discovered that they share a deep commitment to education and the well-being of children. The Third Path represents both a philosophical and highly practical approach to supporting well-being AND achievement for ALL children and youth.

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