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Prepare students with future ready skills through Peekapak’s SEL curriculum. A literacy aligned, narrative based learning experience empowering educators to facilitate engaging social emotional learning in the classroom, and unlock students full potential.


Elementary Program

Our easy-to-use, educator-led curriculum features levelled readers and fully-planned lessons to help students develop empathy, self-regulation and more while also developing core academic skills, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, representing and problem-solving.
Peekapak uses levelled readers that integrate with literacy, reading, writing, and health outcomes. Explores 14 social and emotional learning themes at five reading levels, making the series a flexible and accessible part of any PK–5 learning environment. Robust teaching tools and engaging lesson ideas bring the learning to life and have demonstrated effectiveness in thousands of classrooms.

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We introduced the books to our classes in a shared reading format. We found that the students really liked learning about the different characters and how the characters reappeared in each book. We really appreciated how the lesson for each story related to the kindergarten and primary curriculum, touching on personal character, kindness and inclusion. Our students were also choosing to look at these books during free time, which was great to see. We look forward to using all of the books next year too!

- Victory Public School, Guelph, Ontario Peekapak quote


Key Elementary Features

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Each SEL theme is explored through one story presented at levels E-F, G-H, I-J, K-L, S-T

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Each SEL theme-based set includes: 1 lap book, 6-pack of 3 different little books, 6-pack of 1 chapter book, and 1 teacher resource card

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MyPeekaville app allows for personalized online learning experience for students

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Online teaching centre provides detailed lesson plans, ebooks, and easily adaptable supplemental content


Impact Backed by Research


said Peekapak helped students gain important SEL competencies.

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academic assessment scores for students who used Peekapak

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Secondary Program (Grade 6 - 12)

Peekapak's perspective-taking lessons and age-appropriate stories are a powerful tool for developing empathy and fostering emotional intelligence in students. These engaging narratives present relatable and diverse scenarios, challenging students to step into the perspectives of others and see the world from different viewpoints. The prompting discussion questions help teens navigate their new agency and life challenges and develop skills to thrive.

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Award Winning SEL

Peekapak helps students learn, practice, an internalize CASEL's five social-emotional learning competencies through our award-winning stories, lessons, and digital games.

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Access engaging social emotional learning materials to test in your classroom.

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