Working With Challenging Parents of Students With Special Needs

Working With Challenging Parents of Students With Special Needs
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Most teaching programs do not cover how to handle difficult parents, especially parents of children with special needs. This book fills that gap, focusing both on dealing with specific problems and cultivating strong relationships with parents. In specific settings such as IEP meetings and transitional plan meetings, you will learn how to understand the parents' perspective while arming yourself with methods to address their concerns and move beyond conflict to true collaboration.

The book's contents, grounded in research as well as real-life experiences, include chapters to help you

  • Generate alliances—not lawsuits—and examine such concepts as empathy, communication, and risk management
  • Deal with specific problems, such as parents who are angry, non-participatory, or plaintive
  • Work with groups with unique concerns, such as grandparents, foster parents, noncustodial parents, and homeless families
  • Cultivate and maintain good collaborative relationships with parents

The easy-to-use layout first presents research and discusses the reasons behind particular problems, followed by clear main strategies to solving the problems and actions to avoid. A summary and questions at the end of each chapter, as well as the included extensive forms, let you examine your specific professional situation.