Wonders - Reading/Writing Workshop

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Wonders - Reading/Writing Workshop


The New K-6 Reading Program Built for Todays Classroom Wonders gives you:
-Flexibility that matches the way you want to teach—print, digital, or both
-Engaging ideas for instruction, with a manageable scope and sequence
Wonders gives your students: -Scaffolding they need to meet the rigors of complex text
-Proven strategies that aid comprehension
-Access to the worlds best literature and nonfiction
Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop
Concise and focused, the Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop is a powerful instructional tool that provides students with systematic support for the close reading of complex text. (Includes grammar handbook in every volume starting at Grade 2.)
-Introduce the weeks concept with video, photographs, interactive graphic organizers, and more
-Teach through mini-lessons that reinforce comprehension strategies and skills, genre, and vocabulary
-Model elements of close reading with shared, short-text reads of high interest and grade-level rigor
Available in print (71/2” x 91/2”, 48 - 504 pages) and/or fully-digitized editions
Wonders Literature Anthology
Bursting with stories and informational text selections by award-winning authors and illustrators, the Wonders Literature Anthology lets students apply strategies and skills from the Reading/Writing Workshop to extended, complex text.
-Integrate by reading across texts with the Anchor Text and its Paired Selection for each week
-Build on the theme, concept, vocabulary, and comprehension skills & strategies of the Reading/ Writing Workshop
-Expand students exposure to genre with compelling stories, poems, plays, high-interest nonfiction, and expository selections from Time for Kids
Reading/Writing Workshop Big Books
Grades K - 1
These Big Book editions include all of the content from the Reading/ Writing Workshops for shared instruction.
-Model and conduct mini-lessons with the entire class
-Enhance vocabulary and listening comprehension, and lay the foundation for close reading

Literature Big Books
Grades K - 1
Each big book supports acquisition of concepts during shared reading. Kindergarten titles include a featured selection and paired piece.
-Delight children with favourite authors and illustrators
-Provide exceptional science and social studies content
-Develop listening comprehension with complex text
Teachers Edition Packages
Grades K - 6
All you need to bring Wonders to life in your classroom!
-Complete instructional support for whole-class and small-group
-Guidance for knowing what makes texts complex, along with on-the-spot ideas for scaffolding
Your Turn Practice Books
Provides students with their first guided practice with fresh reading selections every week. Students can underline, circle, and highlight text to support answers with text evidence.
Go Digital!
Wonders offers you the freedom and flexibility of 100% digital implementation. Everything in print formats can also be delivered digitally—the Reading/Writing Workshop, Literature Anthology, levelled readers, complete teaching support, and more.

For Teachers:
-Access 100% of program resources, including digital versions of each days lessons and materials
-Drag-and-drop with the five-day planner
-Select from hundreds of levelled readers
-Generate assessments and track student progress individually or as a class
-Communicate with parents, post student work on virtual class walls, and network with other Wonders users

For Students:
-Read the entire weeks selections online
-Keep track of assignments, store notes, and maintain a portfolio of work
-Get help with a visual glossary and other resources
-Communicate with teacher and classmates