What's So Funny About Education?

What's So Funny About Education?
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For everyone who has ever thought that the truth about education is stranger—and funnier—than fiction, here is the book that proves you right!

Never has there been a greater need for comic relief for educators, as teachers, administrators, students, and parents alike become increasingly frustrated with the shortcomings and dizzying fluctuations in the educational system. Using satire and affectionate humor, author Lou Fournier delivers both stark and subtle epiphanies alongside enduring truths, offering a deeper social commentary on the present conditions and future directions of American education. The author shares wildly humorous observations and editorials that both individually and collectively provide thought-provoking kernels of wisdom.

With an engagingly satiric approach, the author spares no topic in casting a wide net over education, covering music and the arts, school culture, leadership, assessment, staff development, history, technology, higher education, and so many more.