What Every Teacher Should Know About Special Learners

What Every Teacher Should Know About Special Learners
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Teaching and learning strategies have a profound effect on students with disabilities as well as on gifted and talented students. This resource for the classroom teacher covers:

  • Special education categories
  • Special education regulations, laws, programs, and processes: IDEA, 504, referral, assessment, placement, IEP, and more
  • Identifying and working with special learners
  • Special learners in the regular classroom
  • Helping students use a variety of modalities to process, store, and retrieve information
  • Effective teaching and learning strategies for at-risk students: grouping strategies, peer tutoring, computer-assisted instruction, and more
  • Differentiating content, process, and product for gifted students
  • Vocabulary pre-test, post-test, and summary
  • Bibliography and index