What Every Teacher Should Know About Instructional Planning

What Every Teacher Should Know About Instructional Planning
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Based on state-of-the-art research, this guide will take you from pre-planning through reflection, evidence of learning, and teaching for transfer to real-life situations. Topics include:

  • Pre-planning tools and backward design
  • Using standards
  • Building effective declarative objectives
  • Designing behavioral objectives
  • Helping students organize and store knowledge
  • Evidence of learning: Do they understand? Can they use the information?          
  • Planning meaningful learning experiences
  • Building connections between old and new knowledge
  • Putting lesson planning into practice
  • Specific parts of the lesson
  • Declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, and reflection
  • Building a model for lesson planning
  • Vocabulary pre-test, post-test, and summary
  • Bibliography and Index