Training Manual for What Every Teacher Should Know

Training Manual for What Every Teacher Should Know
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This dynamic, ready-to-use training guide to the award-winning collection, What Every Teacher Should Know, is a must for professional staff developers! Designed to help you navigate teachers through a complete cycle of training exercises and activities, this guide will give you the tools you need to help them refine their skills and become more effective and engaging life long educators.

As each chapter in the manual connects to one book in the series, this training program encourages teachers to construct meaning from what they are learning and to engage in reflective dialogue about the methods they are translating into daily classroom practice. Tileston provides research-based strategies, theory, modeling, and practical information aligned with the requirements of the NSDC Standards for Staff Development, 2001.

Topics, activities, and facilitator tools provided in this training manual include:

  • Planning agendas and a complete list of needed materials for 10 training sessions
  • Initial practice during the sessions
  • Classroom connection exercises
  • Prompt feedback from the training facilitator
  • All the reproducible forms needed to run each session