The Productive High School: Creating Personalized Academic Communities

The Productive High School: Creating Personalized Academic Communities
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For too long, high school reform has been based on concepts and philosophies with no undergirding in solid research. Murphy and his colleagues have changed all that as they discuss how reform based on empirical evidence and a robust set of theories can create productive high schools for all students.

The authors focus on core technologies of learning and teaching, organizational systems, and the institutional linkages between schools and their environments. Using current research and case studies from successful schools, they show how to construct models of learning-driven school communities that encourage excellence. The analysis focuses on classroom dynamics of engaged learning and teaching and the necessary steps to create a personalized academic high school.

Key concepts cover:

  • Defining the learning imperative
  • Developing humanized and intellectual relationships for learning
  • Laying the groundwork for dynamic, adaptive change
  • Building linkages with home and family