PM Writing Kindergarten Exemplars for Teaching Writing Big Book

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The PM Writing Exemplars for Teaching Writing Big Books are designed to help teachers model the conventions of written languge in whole-class and small-group sessions. It provides the initial introduction to each text type, presenting and deconstructing explicit exemplars of each text type.

Using the Big Book

Each exemplar in the Big Book follows this format:

  • First spread: Text Presentation - Introduces and presents a piece of text modelling 1 text type
  • Second spread: Text Structures - The same piece of text is deconstructed using colour-coding to showcase the text structure
  • Third spread: Language Features - The same piece of text is deconstructed using highlighting to show the various occurences of different language features


Interactive Whiteboard CD (included with each Big Book)

Each Big Book includes Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software that allows students and teachers to examine the texts in more detail. The IWB tools allow you to edit, rewrite, highlight, and annotate key text features. The colour coding, highlighting text structure, and grammatical features can be switched on and off for ease of use in classrooms.