PM Writing Green/Orange How Gliders Fly Lvl 14-15: How Gliders Fly (6- pack)

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PM Writing levelled exemplar texts have been designed specifically for guided writing and independent reading, and can be used in a number of teaching and learning situations. The levelled exemplar texts reinforce the conventions of written language modelled in the Exemplars for Teaching Writing Big Books and provide additional models for guided and independent writing. The texts are explicitly referred to and are the focus of many of the lesson provided in the PM Writing Teacher's Resource books.

There are six levelled exemplar texts at each bridging colour level from PM levels 5 to 25. When developing the texts at each bridging level, sometimes it was necessary to use high frequency words from higher levels. This has ensured that these texts, which are to be read at an independent rather than guided reading level, are true exemplars of the text type, enabling students to use them as models for their own writing.

The levelled exemplar texts at PM levels 5 to 15 are single text types, and those at levels 16 to 25 are dual text types. Each of the text types explicitly taught within the primary grades can be found at the appropriate developmental level. The texts are exemplars of genre, text type, text form, and text structure, and thereby assist in linking the reading and writing processes.