PM Writing Grade 2 Teacher's Resource

PM Writing Grade 2 Teacher's Resource
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All components of PM Writing are closely linked to form a holistic reading and writing program. The Teacher's Resource book connects all of these components to support you in explicitly teaching writing to your students.

The Teacher's Resource Books include:

  • Comprehensive lesson plans for whole-class, small-group, and individual reading and writing
  • Scope and sequence of learning outcomes
  • Student assessment and activity pages
  • Specific learning tasks
  • Lesson plans based on text types and themes
  • Assessment Guidelines and analysist of writing samples
  • Professional development videos that demonstrate teaching strategies

Lesson Plans in the Teacher's Resource Book:

  • Based around text types and themes
  • Linked to Exemplars for Teaching Writing Big Books and PM Writing Levelled Little Books
  • Speaking and listening activities are linkied to the Exemplars for Teaching Writing Big Books
  • Writing assessment guidelines also feature recommendations for future learning

Interactive Writing Pro Formas

The Teacher's Resource book also includes pro formas designed for whole-class and small-group shared writing sessions. Pro formas for up to eight text types are provided. They can be used on interactive whiteboards, data projectors, and computers.

Each pro forma highlights the text structure and language features of the text type, and provides an environment in which students can actively contribute to the writing process and work alongisde the teacher to construct meaningful texts.

Some key features include:

  • Teacher focus notes provide teachers with useful language to guide joint construction of texts
  • Images can be imported into pro formas
  • Once text is complete, it can be published, exported to Word, and printed