New! PM Library Magenta Level 1-3 New Titles Single Copy Set (35 Titles)

New! PM Library Magenta Level 1-3 New Titles Single Copy Set (35 Titles)
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Discover the New and Refreshed PM Library

To ensure relevant content that continues to engage today's learners, the original PM Library series has been refreshed and new titles have been added to keep content fresh. All the new and refreshed PM Library books feature:

  • A contemporary look in a larger book size
  • Improved layouts and fonts to improve ease of reading
  • Refreshed or brand-new illustrations and photographs

New titles

Over 50 brand-new books through levels Magenta to Green have been added, including new wordless Magenta books. Over 150 new colourful chapter books across PM levels Orange to Sapphire will add to the existing original collection to expand your choices at these higher levels!

The PM philosophy and levelling system is consistent through all the resources in the entire PM Family

PM Philosophy

The philosophy that underpins all the material in the PM Family is that:

  • students to learn to read well if they are encouraged to use a variety of skills, processes and behaviours, rather than a particular method or approach
  • when students are learning to read, they should be given materials that have been carefully crafted to meet their needs; books that give them, from their earliest experiences with the printed word, success, enjoyment, and understanding

PM Levelling

All PM books are levelled using the same, simple numerical sequence (and associated colour bands) with fine gradations from levels 1-30. Levelling depends, after PM Level 2, on more than a dozen factors, including:

  • children's conceptual understandings
  • traditional story structure
  • meaning (paying attention to clarity, logic, cause and effect, factual accuracy)
  • choice of appropriate sentence structures
  • prose that flows easily
  • steady introduction and reinforcement of high frequency words
  • low ration of unknown to known words
  • repetition of grapho-phonic forms in meaningful context
  • clarity of layout and typography
  • amont of text on a page
  • length of the book
  • supportive illustrations