New! PM Alphabet Blends Single Copy Set (34 titles)

PM Alphabet Blends Single Copy Set (34 titles)
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Contains 34 books (1 for each common digraph and blend)

From the developers of the leading PM Family series, we bring you revised books from the PM Alphabet Blends series to support early literacy development in your K-1 classroom. Each PM Alphabet Blends book contains five words, five photographs and an alliterative rhyme that allow the personality of each digraph and blend to be absorbed. PM Alphabet blends work best when links are made with children's current reading. The book br links with Brave Father Mouse, in which both brave and bread are used.

The shy shellfish
The shellfish lives
In a shiny shell.
She shuts her door.
She shuts it well.

About PM

The PMs are a unique collection of over 1000 levelled fiction and non-fiction texts. With pedagogically sound and meticulously levelled resources, the PMs provide teachers with a complete literacy program to help them enable students to master the competencies of highly successful literate children.