Nelson Literacy 8 - Selections for Modelling and Demonstration

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Nelson Literacy 8 - Selections for Modelling and Demonstration | Modelling and Shared Reading Package - 9780176238537
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Nelson Literacy 8 - Selections for Modelling and Demonstration


Nelson Literacy is a fully integrated comprehensive resource designed to support literacy learning
- High-impact topics and themes to engage all students
- Strategy-based instruction in reading, literature, media studies, writing and oral communication
- Accessible to a wide range of learners
- Complete support for differentiated instruction
- Print and digital format to suit a variety of classroom needs

Student Books:
- High-interest topics and themes to engage all students
- Grade 7 - Step Up, Tech Effects,Mysteries, Fears and Phobias, Send a Message and Make an Impression
- Grade 8 - Global Citizens, Tech Then and Now, Secrets, No Limits, Reality Check and Chasing a Dream
- Grade 9 - Planet You, Turning Points, Whats Next and It Takes Courage
- Grade 10 - Conflict, Whats the Big Idea, Lighten Up and eValuate
- Range of reading levels from well-below to beyond grade level
- Wide selection of literature and media texts including: essays, scripts, poems, short stories, comic strips and monologues
- Magazines for Independent and Guided Practice

Only available in grades 7-8:
- 24 engaging mini-magazines (6 copies each)
- 4 mini-magazines per unit at a range of levels
- Teachers Resource with lesson plans for each mini-magazine

Media Studies Resource:
- Audio recordings of all Student Book selections
- Media clips relevant to each unit
- Lessons focus on the analysis and deconstruction of media texts

Online Teaching Centre:
- Everything in print available online
- Over 300 pieces of extra engaging content aligned with the themes and instructional focus Selections for Modelling
- Provided in both transparency and digital format
- Read-Aloud passages for each unit
- Teacher Notes included for each selection

Teachers Resource:
- Comprehensive lesson support for every selection
- Integrated assessment
- Practical suggestions for differentiated instruction and support for English Language Learners