Nelson English 10 Online Teaching Centre, Western Ed.

Nelson English 10 Online Teaching Centre, Western Ed.
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About the Student Book

Classic Literature with a Twist

The Student Book has been divided into four units:

  1. Conflict
  2. Innovation
  3. Humour
  4. Perspective

These units present selections ranging from classic poetry to modern short stories and articles, featuring pieces from Langston Hughes and Charlotte Bronte to Aboriginal authors and media personalities.

Current and Engaging Content

  • Offers content that today's students can relate and connect with
  • Real-world topics, such as bullying, equity, LGBT, conflict, reflect our changing society and motivates students to engage with each selections
  • Features built into the student book encourages students to develop critical inquiry and demonstrate listening adn oral communication skills

Sophisticated Design

  • Powerful visuals, such as infographics, word clouds, and visual art photos, accompany each selection to help students develop visual literacy and keep students interested in their readings.

About the Teacher's Resource

  • Comprehensive curriculum coverage
  • Support for analysis and evaluation of literary devices, elements of style, language conventions, genres, and text forms
  • In-depth coverage of key academic skills such as: metacognition, critical literacy, media literacy, research, and inquiry

Integrated Assessment

  • Embedded diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment
  • modifiable rubrics for co-constructing success criteria
  • Self-assessment checklists for students

Online Teaching Centre

  • Access print as well as over 300 pieces of additional online content
  • Access videos, articles, short stories, poems, and curated weblinks related to unit themes and strands
  • Practice exams support provincial exam preparation