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Dr. Marian Small’s PRIME series is a research-based Professional Learning Initiative. Through PRIME training, teachers learn to recognize indicators of the specific phases of developmental learning in their students’ work. Once they have collected and assessed several pieces of “diagnostic” evidence, they are able to differentiate instruction to move the students forward in developmentally appropriate ways.

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Big Ideas from Dr. Small

Big Ideas from Dr. Small is an easy-to-use professional learning resource that will enable teachers to develop a solid grounding in mathematics content. Armed with knowledge of the big ideas in mathematics and model tasks and questions, teachers will be able to shape and focus their instruction to help students make powerful connections.

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Good Questions

Featuring more than 50 new questions and a new chapter on Financial Literacy, Good Questions: Great Ways toDifferentiate Mathematics Instruction is back with a 4th edition designed for every K–8 educator.


Teaching Math Online

Teaching Math Online is a must read for every primary and elementary teacher faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, or teaching from a distance. In 80 pages, Dr. Marian Small guides you through the nuance of teaching mathematics through a screen.

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