Leading With Data: Pathways to Improve Your School

Leading With Data: Pathways to Improve Your School
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For any educator focused on enhancing student outcomes and schoolwide performance results, knowing how to collect appropriate data isn't necessarily enough. Understanding how to analyze and use data as a pathway to improvement is the key.

This comprehensive, hands-on guidebook discusses the essential statistical and assessment information that principals need to know, what types of data to look at, how to analyze the information, and how to use what they've learned to make critical choices for teaching and learning.

Full of examples and recommendations, this book illustrates proactive strategies for collecting data and generating change while focusing on other measures of learning and school organization, including data about professional development, allocation of resources, family involvement, and community standards. Part of the Leadership for Learning series, this resource:

  • Provides leaders with support in developing and sustaining schoolwide capacity for continuous improvement
  • Links data-based decision making with accountability issues and shared mission and goals
  • Includes numerous examples and cases, a glossary, school improvement template, sample forms, and data tools