Intentional Interruption

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If you're involved in professional learning, you know that big ideas can sometimes get stuck on the way to becoming real change. Steven Katz and Lisa Ain Dack explain the secret to getting unstuck: interrupting the status quo of traditional activity-based professional development to help educators embrace permanent changes in thinking and behaviour. They outline a process--grounded in psychological research--for real professional learning that ultimately leads to improved student achievement.

You can enable true learning by

• Building a focus on learning, collaborative inquiry, and formal and informal instructional leadership in schools
• Recognizing the psychological processes involved in adult learning, and overcoming the psychological biases and barriers to change
• Using tools and strategies such as critical friend relationships, learning conversations, task sheets, and protocols

Illustrated with concrete, school-based examples drawn from real practice, Intentional Interruption shows how rethinking professional learning can lead to the development of a real and sustainable learning culture in your school.