Exploring Film Music

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Through the study of pieces taken from a wide range of films chosen for their appeal and, in many cases, for their 'classic' status in the genre, all of the essential music concepts are covered including rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, tonality and form. These concepts are discussed in the context of the films in which they are used, and understanding of them is consolidated by the practical, aural and written activities offered in the book.

A broad cross-section of styles is encountered, including ethnic, folk, ragtime, jazz, marching band, rock and electronic. Australian music and films are presented throughout. Developed to capitalise on the excitement and impact of the visual image from the medium of film, this innovative text will capture the attention and interest of any music class from first year secondary to more advanced and senior levels.

Ancillary materials include a Teacher's Manual and Score Reading and Performance Book and a CD pack of music used in the text.