Developing a Teacher Induction Plan: A Guide for School Leaders

Developing a Teacher Induction Plan: A Guide for School Leaders
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Imagine someone telling you that, within three years, your new teachers would leave the profession for which they trained so hard. That's what is happening to 30% of today's promising new teachers who are not given the mentoring, direction, and professional development that is so desperately needed to keep them focused and enthusiastic. To handle this growing challenge of teacher attrition, teacher induction experts Barbara L. Brock and Marilyn L. Grady offer a comprehensive program-crafted with school leaders and staff developers in mind-which provides strategies both for supporting beginning teachers, and for retaining and developing these promising, highly qualified teachers.

Written in an accessible workbook style format, this guide covers:

  • Designing a multiyear developmental program including the orientation process, mentoring, directed activities, seminars, and workshops
  • The responsibilities of the induction team
  • Assessment of current issues, including attrition and past retention efforts
  • Program evaluation from initial assessment to the sharing of results