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Alberta Placement Tools

Nelson works with educators and districts across the province of Alberta to ensure that each school knows where every student is at on their numeracy and literacy journey at the elementary level. These placement tools can help to support and develop individualized plans to ensure each student has the support they need.


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Math Pre-Assessment

Math Pre-Assessment

Math Pre-Assessment 1-6 is an assessment tool backed by research. It enables educators to assess whether students have the procedural knowledge and conceptual understandings for the grade specific curriculum.

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PM Benchmark

PM Benchmark

The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment resource responds to the changing needs of literacy instruction in Canadian classrooms. With the inclusion of Pre-level 1 and Post-level 30 assessments, as well as fiction and non-fiction texts across levels 1-30, the PMBLA provides teachers with the tools to accurately identify students' reading levels, use evidence to inform teaching practice and lesson planning, monitor students' reading achievement and progress over time and capture data for school literacy metrics.

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