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The Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey (WMLS III) is a norm-referenced measure of reading, writing, listening, and comprehension. The WMLS III emphasizes the role of cognitive-academic language proficiency (CALP) levels in assessment of comprehension, it may serve as an excellent predictor of students' actual academic adjustment.

The WMLS III generates considerable amounts of useful information. Different derived test and clusters scores offer data on growth, language proficiency, relative status among peers, and more. Cognitive-academic language proficiency (CALP), for example, determines oral language dominance of the bilingual subject. Student progress is reflected by the CALP score and can be tracked through repeated administration from a beginning level to an advanced level of proficiency.

Qualitative information, such as native language, language exposure outside of school, and test session behaviour, can also be recorded for use in the overall interpretation of test results.

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