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The Trusted Classic, Completely Reimagined.

The Woodcock-Johnson V (WJ V) system is structured to offer customized, efficient, and flexible assessments that examiners need to accurately evaluate learning problems in children and adults. The WJ V is designed to measure intellectual abilities, academic achievement, and oral language abilities.

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Eliminates the need to manage physical test materials. Evaluations are easily accessible and web-based. All data is stored and processed on Canadian servers.

New Tests and Clusters

Designed to help examiners better assess comprehension, processing speed, executive functioning, and more.

Automated Scoring Accuracy

Basal and ceiling rules are automatically implemented, ranging from 4-6, expediting the testing experience without sacrificing accuracy.

Streamlined Assessment

Preloaded tests help avoid any pause or delay in testing. Additionally, some introduction tasks are presented in video format.


Examinee profiles can be shared and sent to those with proper permissions, facilitating a multidisciplinary team approach.


Comprehensive. Streamlined. Digital. Secure.

Features will be released throughout 2025

  • Introducing a new voice capture feature which will improve scoring accuracy, particularly on time retrieval tasks.
  • The introduction to tasks on several tests are in a video format, allowing a standardized presentation.
  • Users can select the reason for referral and recommended clusters are automatically created, reducing time spent on test preparation. This feature will be available later in 2025.

Restricted to qualified users.


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