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Ontario Literacy

The Province of Ontario has identified literacy intervention and mental health and well-being as key areas of focus for the 2021-2022 school year, and Nelson is committed to supporting educators meet these challenges. Below you will find a selection of our most requested resources for your literacy and social & emotional learning programming.


Guided Reading

Nelson Jille Literacy

Leveled books with teaching notes to take the guesswork out of guided reading.

Nelson pm-family

Renowned library of over 1,000 accurately levelled fiction and nonfiction titles.

Nelson Peekapak

Explore SEL while building literacy skills through levelled readers.


Literacy Intervention

Nelson Corrective Reading

Corrective reading

Grade 3 to 9+

Provides intensive instruction of critical skills to optimize learning for students whose reading difficulties place them one or more years behind their peers. Based on explicit, systematic teaching and intensive instructional support as well as fully integrated assessments to monitor progress.

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Reading Mastery Signature Series

Grades K to 5

Appropriate for use as a supplemental intervention program or a comprehensive core reading program, this series develops decoding, word recognition, and comprehension skills, and offers a variety of literary forms and text structures.

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Nelson Reading Mastery
                        Signature Series

Decodable Resources

Nelson Open Court Reading

Open Court Reading

Grades K to 5

A research-based comprehensive K–5 reading, writing, and language arts curriculum that is based on the science of reading. Helps students master foundational skills, and the use of decodable books builds fluency and reading comprehension.

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Literacy Programs

Nelson Literacy

Grades K to 10

A fully integrated, comprehensive resource for literacy learning. Curriculum aligned, cross-curricular content provides high-impact topics and themes. Includes strategybased instruction in reading, literature, media studies, writing and oral communication.

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Nelson Literacy
Nelson Wonders


Grades K to 6

A comprehensive reading program with a manageable scope & sequence and scaffolding to meet the rigors of complex text. This is a powerful instructional tool that provides students and teachers with systematic support.

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Digital Products

Nelson PM Literacy

Online library of 400 PM levelled readers with teaching notes.

Nelson Peekapak

Help students develop SEL strategies while building reading and writing skills.

Nelson Chalkboard

A digital library of curriculum aligned learning materials and activities.


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