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Find exclusive 2022 curriculum-aligned content on Edwin, and a wealth of Science resources to let your classroom explore, create and collaborate like never before.


Ontario Science 5-8

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With changes to Ontario’s Science curriculum, Nelson has created exclusive Science content on Edwin for Grades 5–8. We are progressively releasing new content into your Edwin course throughout this school year.

At Grades 5–8, Edwin’s new Science resources are fully aligned to cover all content curriculum strands (Life Systems, Matter & Energy, Structures & Mechanisms, Earth & Space Systems) with Strand A – STEM Skills & Connections being woven throughout each unit, all through a Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogical lens. In addition, Indigenous content will be woven throughout all Learning Objects.

Right now, you can get access to an abundance of new Science 5–8 resources on Edwin.

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Destreamed Ontario Science 9

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Introducing Nelson’s Science 9 (SNC1W). Exclusively on Edwin.

Science 9 (SNC1W) aligns to the new Ontario Grade 9 destreamed curriculum and is available in a digital-first format on Edwin.

In order to provide thoughtful comprehensive support to educators in the province, we have been progressively releasing new content into your Edwin course throughout this school year.

Edwin-first resources offer engaging new content, interactives, videos, and a new instructional approach, targeted to meet the needs of all destreamed classrooms.

New SNC1W resources on Edwin support:

  1. 100% Curriculum Coverage.
  2. Strand A.
  3. STEM Investigation Skills.
  4. Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Ways of Knowing and Perspectives
  5. CRRP (Culturally Relevant & Responsive Pedagogy), and Inclusive Education
  6. Emerging Technologies and Careers.
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