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Ontario Numeracy Assessment Package (ONAP) is Ontario’s only diagnostic assessment resource with anchor solutions for moderated marking. Developed by Dr. Marian Small for Grades 4 to 9.


Key Features

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Provides teachers with a flexible entry assessment tool to identify students’ prior knowledge.

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Assesses student performance directly against the curriculum expectations, as well as the Achievement Chart categories.

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Helps classroom teachers, schools and districts collect reliable and consistent data.



Teacher's Resource

  • Comprehensive assessments for each math strand
  • Teacher notes for administration, scoring, and interpretation of the data
  • Scoring guides for short answer and multiple choice assessment questions
  • Rubrics, anchor solutions, and rationales for performance-based tasks (Grade 9 provided online)
  • Instructional Next Steps
  • Strategies for using the data

Comprehensive Teacher’s Resource (Digital)

  • Simplifies recording and analyzing of ONAP data
  • Contains interactive class Tracking Sheets for each strand
  • Sorts individual and class data by overall and specific expectations
  • Generates graphs for displaying data

Sample Material

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