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The My Math Path Story

My Math Path 1–8 aligns with the WNCP math curriculum and is powered by the Singapore Math framework. This framework focuses on mastery of a limited number of concepts at a time using a purposeful sequence of topics.

The resource places problem solving at the heart of mathematical learning. In addition to focusing on skills, concepts, and processes, the framework also emphasizes the need for students to develop positive attitudes towards math, have the confidence to persevere, and develop the ability to monitor their own thinking.

My Math Path 1–8 relies heavily on visualization, model drawing and the concrete-pictorial abstract approach to solve problems. This balanced math series focuses on math fact fluency or math fundamentals to give students the tools and confidence they need to solve problems.



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Key Features

My Math Path resources provide everything you need to support student success and mathematical mastery



Addresses learning gaps to improve student assessment scores


Based on the proven approach of Singapore Math aligned to Canadian Curricula


Strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills through Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract model



Provides educators with structured support and tools to meet each student’s learning needs


Boosts student confidence and mathematical understanding


Prepares for success in secondary and post-secondary education and broadens future career pathways

Building Mathematical Understanding

Numbers and symbols can be confusing when students don’t have a grasp of what they actually mean. Singapore Math teaches concepts using a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract learning progression to anchor learning in meaningful, hands-on experiences.


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