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A powerful math solution that provokes mathematical thinking in the modern classroom through provocations and math talk, guided by Nelson’s developmental trajectories.

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The My Math Path Provocations Story

After two years in Canadian classrooms listening to teachers, our research found that incorporating math into play-based classrooms is difficult. That’s why we created My Math Path Provocations.

The effective use of provocations engage students in meaningful play and closes knowledge gaps. My Math Path Provocations: Kindergarten and Grade 1 provide a strong math foundation through hands-on learning along Nelson’s learning trajectories.

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What are Nelson's Learning Trajectories?

These learning trajectories describe a typical path that children follow in developing understanding and skill in a math topic, which helps inform teachers where each of their students are in their learning journey.

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Downloadable Resource Centre

Invitations, provocations, and prompts that will invite students to learn and engage in playful inquiry.

  • Over 100 laminated cards stored in a convenient box for classroom management
  • Invitations and provocations based on the developmental trajectories
  • A question or problem with a photograph depicting suggestions for learning space setup Teacher support for observing and naming the learning with “look fors”
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