Introduction to Statistical Investigations (1st Edition)(AP Edition)

Introduction to Statistical Investigations (1st Edition)(AP Edition)
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Introduction to Statistical Investigations AP Edition is the first AP Statistics book designed
from the ground up to follow the GAISE recommendations endorsed by the American
Statistical Association. Piloted by 22 AP Statistics teachers and used by more than 1000
students over a 2-year period, this text is unlike any other AP Statistics text currently
To ensure maximum coverage of necessary concepts, every chapter includes content written
specifically for the AP Statistics course. Along with AP-exam tips and AP-style exercises
found throughout the text, a chapter on preparing for the AP exam is included. Two full-length
practice exams (one in the text and one online) as well as a comprehensive set of 300 author
videos round out the program.
The authors introduce a spiral approach to statistical process through a six-step process
of conducting statistical investigations. Students begin to develop an understanding of
important and challenging concepts such as the p-value from the beginning. Then deepen
their understanding as they encounter such ideas repeatedly in new scenarios where they
reconsider and apply the six-step statistical investigation method allowing them to revisit, at
deeper and deeper levels each time, the core ideas of statistical inference.