Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, AP Eleventh Edition

Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture,  AP Eleventh Edition
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Now in its Eleventh Edition and for the first time available in an
Advanced Placement Edition, Human Geography focuses on how
every human being forges an identity in a globalized world. Authors
Erin Fouberg and Alexander Murphy have revised the content after
a careful review of the AP Human Geography Course Description,
past Human Geography exams, and teacher feedback to ensure
maximum coverage of concepts and models. In addition to the in-text
correlation guide to the AP Human Geography Topic Outline, a
unique end-of-text AP test prep appendix is included. An invaluable
resource for students, this content includes study and test-taking
strategies along with sample AP exam questions.
Human Geography, AP Edition with the online learning environment
of WileyPLUS Learning Space provides the necessary practice,
support, concept mastery and individualized instruction that promotes
success in the AP Human Geography course. With its Collaborative
E-Textbook, My Notes personalization capability and Course Stream
communication tool, WileyPLUS Learning Space will transform any
course into a vibrant, collaborative learning community