Under One Sun Grade 3 Teacher Resource Set

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Under One Sun invites K–8 students and teachers to learn about, and learn from, Aboriginal history, culture, and perspectives. The series offers contemporary Aboriginal content with extensive support for teachers. The balanced literacy approach in a blended format provides rich opportunities for modelled, shared, guided, and independent reading and viewing.

Series Components

Under One Sun engages students by offering components in a blended print and digital format to support today’s classroom:

Modelled Reading (Print)

  • Read-aloud selections that introduce students to key unit themes

Shared Reading (Digital)

  • Interactive shared reading selections that invite students to make connections to Aboriginal themes and perspectives

Guided and Independent Reading (Print)

Levelled selections that reinforce content relating to Aboriginal themes of identity, Mother Earth, and relationships

  • Combination of narrative and nonfiction selections with authentic photographs and original artwork
  • Offered in age-appropriate formats:
    • Little Books for Kindergarten–Grade 3
    • 4-page cards for Grades 4–6
    • 8-page magazines for Grades 7–8

Extensive Multimedia Content (Digital)

  • Bring content to life and immerse students in the culture of contemporary Aboriginal communities
  • The Online Teaching Centre includes videos, audio, images, and modifiable Blackline Masters

Teacher’s Resource (Print)

Comprehensive support for bringing Aboriginal perspectives into your classroom

  • Includes read-aloud selection for modelled reading
  • Provides lesson plans for modelled, shared, guided and independent reading, and launch video
  • Includes Blackline Masters
  • Offers background information and support on Aboriginal concepts and themes