The Third Path Implementation Workshop

This workshop is designed to equip educators with the practical tools needed to successfully implement The Third Path into their schools. The goal is to support children through supporting the work of all educators, and to help them improve their practice through “doing different” as opposed to “doing more”. This workshop has been designed by Dr. David Tranter and will be delivered in a dynamic, inspiring, engaging, and practical manner.

This full-day implementation workshop is divided into four parts:

Part 1: The Changing Landscape of Education

  • What is well-being?
  • How are well-being and achievement connected and how do they work together to create student success (now and for the future)?
  • How can educators truly develop well-being in children as part of their everyday teaching practice?
  • What barriers exist in promoting well-being and how can these be overcome?
  • How do we strengthen well-being for those children who may be at greatest risk?

Part 2: The HOW of Promoting Well-being and Achievement

  • Starting with the relationship fundamentals: attunement, responsivity and intentionality.
  • Thinking and acting relationally (rather than behaviourally).
  • The relationship/task continuum: Is your balance right?
  • An overview of the eight conditions that support well-being and achievement.

Part 3: Strengthening the Fundamental Conditions that Support Well-being and Achievement

  • Why connection is at the heart of all learning and growth.
  • The Exploration/Attachment balance.
  • Attachment Styles and the Cycle of Student Behaviour.
  • Strategies to address challenging behaviour such as disengagement, defiance or opposition.
  • Understanding emotional regulation and dysregulation and its connection to well-being and achievement.
  • Strategies for recognizing and addressing dysregulation.
  • Important considerations in teaching students who have experienced trauma. 

Part 4: Implementing a Relationship-Based Approach and the Eight Conditions in Your School (and Board)

  • Why implementation in education so often fails to succeed.
  • Shifting the learning culture through shifting the learning conversation.
  • Incorporating well-being in everyday teaching pedagogy and practice.
  • Implementation strategies: The role of champions, coaches, and teams.
  • Promoting well-being in all subject areas: Applying the HOW.
  • Measuring progress and sustaining change
  • The critical role of educator well-being in student well-being. 


Interested in this Workshop?

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