The Assistant Principal's Handbook: Strategies for Success

The Assistant Principal's Handbook: Strategies for Success
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Long considered an under-appreciated and under-utilized position, the role of the assistant principal is finally getting the attention and respect it deserves. In this truly indispensable companion, current and prospective administrators will gain concrete suggestions and solutions to maximize their impact, effectiveness, and satisfaction in this critical position.

Uncovering major obstacles assistant principals have faced in trying to meet their personal and professional goals, The Assistant Principal's Handbook uses this perspective as a backdrop for change based on democracy, caring, and respect.

In this perceptive exploration into the assistant principal's duties, you will discover how to:

  • Hone leadership skills--especially related to curriculum, supervision, evaluation, and discipline
  • Stimulate an atmosphere of learning and achievement
  • Make the assistant principalship more than just a principal-in-training position
  • Develop relationships with peers and teachers based on respect
  • Share responsibilities with teachers as a way to build trust and collegiality