Ten Traits of Highly Effective Principals: From Good to Great Performance

Ten Traits of Highly Effective Principals: From Good to Great Performance
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Highly effective principals have strong communication skills, high levels of knowledge about teaching and learning, and the ability to provide instructional leadership. This excellent, new resource provides principals, administrative teams, and educators with tremendous resources to hone these skills and traits.

Ten Traits of Highly Effective Principals contains ideas, reflections, behaviors, habits, and stories from the trenches to guide and inspire as you seek to increase your own effectiveness. Each chapter in this resource describes an essential component of personal effectiveness. A highly effective principal is:

  • A communicator—listen, empathize, and connect
  • An educator—with a depth of knowledge; motivates intellectual growth
  • An envisioner—focused on the vision of what schools can be
  • A facilitator—building strong relationships
  • A change master—flexible, futuristic, and realistic, and can motivate change
  • A culture builder—communicating and modeling a strong, viable vision
  • An activator—with motivation, energy, and enthusiasm to spare
  • A producer— building intellectual development and academic achievement
  • A character builder—whose values are trustworthiness, respect, and integrity
  • A contributor—whose priority is making contributions to the success of others