Supportive Supervision: Becoming a Teacher of Teachers

Supportive Supervision: Becoming a Teacher of Teachers
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As an administrator, new or experienced, you are faced with a myriad of administrative, curricular, and supervisory tasks, while at the same time expected to provide ongoing professional training for your staff. How well prepared are you to deal effectively with the day-to-day business of supervising teachers? What specific support and training opportunities did you receive in order to be the successful leader everyone expects?

Supportive Supervision offers that much-needed and fully integrated support system for the building-level supervisor. By providing a clear path and focus, the authors present a highly usable, hands-on guide that will help fill in the blanks created by districts and schools unable to distribute resources equally for the development and training of their supervisors.

Using a practical approach, chapters focus on key points, including:

  • Improving your own leadership and supervisory skills
  • Collaborating with staff on establishing school wide goals focused on academic improvement
  • Implementing effective lesson planning with supportive and meaningful classroom observations
  • Recruiting and hiring the right teachers while meeting the professional development needs of all staff
  • A three-part process and writing mode for the annual teacher evaluation