Statistics - Learning from Data

Advanced Placement
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Statistics - Learning from Data | Fast Track to a 5 AP* Test-Prep Book for Pecks Statistics: Learning from Data (AP* Edition) - 9781285094649
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Statistics - Learning from Data


This textbook offers an innovative approach to teaching and learning AP statistics by tackling the areas that students struggle with most- probability, hypothesis testing and selecting an appropriate method of analysis.
Supported by learning objectives, real-data examples and exercises, students will gain conceptual understanding, mechanical proficiency and the ability to put knowledge into practice.

Key Features:
- Chapter Learning Objectives explicitly state the expected student outcomes and are presented in three categories: Conceptual Understanding, Mastery of Mechanics and Putting It into Practice
- Exercises and examples have been selected from journal articles, newspapers, and other published sources and cover a wide range of disciplines and subject areas that interest students
- Are You Ready to Move On? questions allow students to confirm that they have achieved the chapter learning objectives and serve as a comprehensive end-of-chapter review
- The treatment of probability in this text is complete, including conditional probability and Bayes Rule type probability calculations. However, its done in a way that eliminates the need for the symbolism and formulas, which are a roadblock for many students

Table of Contents:
Section I: Collecting Data
1. Collecting Data in Reasonable Ways
Section II: Describing Data Distributions
2. Graphical Methods for Describing Data Distributions
3. Numerical Methods for Describing Data Distributions
4. Describing Bivariate Numerical Data
Section III: A Foundation For Inference: Reasoning About Probability
5. Probability
6. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
Section IV: Learning from Sample Data
7. An Overview of Statistical Inference- Learning from Data
8. Sampling Variability and Sampling Distributions
9. Estimating a Population Proportion
10. Asking and Answering Questions About a Population Proportion
11. Asking and Answering Questions About the Difference Between Two Population Proportions
12. Asking and Answering Questions About a Population Mean
13. Asking and Answering Questions About the Difference Between Two Population Means
Section V: Additional Opportunities to Learn from Data
14. Learning from Experiment Data
15. Learning from Categorical Data
16. Understanding Relationships-Numerical Data Part 2 (online)
17. Asking and Answering Questions About More Than Two Means (online)
Appendix: ANOVA Computations