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Math Cards for Test Practice, Problem Solving and Group Activities

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Accelerate Math Thinking

RPM (Real Problems in Mathematics) is a series of Math Cards for Grades 3-6 designed to regularly expose students to problem solving and engage them in mathematical thinking and communication.

Key Features

  • Easy, convenient support for test practice modeled after provincial assessment problems
  • Extra opportunities for problem solving
  • Flexible format -can be used in groups, pairs, or independently
  • Covers curriculum strands: Number, Patterns, Geometry, Measurement, Data and Probability
  • Easily integrates with other classroom math resources

Each RPM box includes:

  • 100 activity cards, laminated for optional use with dry-ease markers
  • Tabbed by strand and organized in a convenient storage box
    • Addresses concepts from all 5 math strands
    • Includes access to the Online Teaching Centre:
      • Solutions for every question
      • Teaching notes and topic correlations
      • Digital versions of Activity Cards

Math Card Overview:

Each Math Card includes multiple choice and open-response questions modelled after the 2 types of questions students will encounter on provincial assessments.

  • Some cards provide support to help students successfully solve the problem.
  • Some cards provide a list of suggested materials required to answer the question or solve the problem.

Online Teaching Centre Overview:

With the purchase of an RPM box you will receive single-user access to material that will help you easily integrate this resource in your classroom.

  • Digital versions of each activity card
  • Solution Cards
  • Teaching notes
  • Topic Correlations

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