Reading the World (4th Edition)(AP Edition)

Reading the World (4th Edition)(AP Edition)
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The only global great ideas reader, with new chapters on Ethics & Empathy and Visual Arguments

With 77 readings by some of the world’s great thinkers, Reading the World is the only great ideas reader to offer a global perspective, allowing students to explore the development of ideas across cultures, an increasingly important approach in our diverse society. Selections strike a balance between Western and non-Western, classic and contemporary, verbal and visual, and longer and shorter. The new edition features a new chapter on Ethics & Empathy, a new casebook on Visual Arguments, 36 new readings in total, and new guidance on identifying and avoiding bias.

A new chapter on Ethics & Empathy explores what it means to be “good”  

A new chapter on ethics and what it means to be empathetic is especially needed in our divided times. Selections consider what it means to be “good” and to understand others, drawing on a range of writers across cultures and eras–from Confucius to the Qu’ran, Ursula K. Le Guin to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.   

A new casebook on Visual Arguments applies the book’s big ideas to today’s visual culture 

A new chapter presents 6 new contemporary visual arguments from a variety of sources and media from popular culture around the world—from advertisements to infographics and campaign posters—showing how images can make claims, present evidence, influence our opinions, and even change policies. This casebook will help develop students’ visual literacy and critical analysis skills, increasingly important in our image-rich culture. 

Trademark mix of classic and contemporary readings--36 of them new

Almost half of the readings are new to this edition, providing fresh sources of inspiration for reading, writing, and thinking across cultures, eras, and civilizations. In keeping with the book’s trademark mix, the 77 reading selections offer a blend of the classic and contemporary, visual and verbal, Western and global, longer and shorter.  

Challenging texts made accessible for students to read and write about 

Ample reading and writing instruction guides students through the process of reading and writing about sophisticated texts and ideas. Chapter introductions begin with a single question, to which all of that chapter’s selections respond in some way. Substantial headnotes introduce each reading, and passages and phrases are clarified in concise footnotes throughout the text. A flexible guide to reading, writing, and research, drawing on examples from the readings, now includes a new section on idenitifying biases, something increasingly important for today’s students. Adaptive online activities in InQuizitive for Writers give students additional instruction and practice working with sources.