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Recent nation-wide social distancing measures put in place have challenged the traditional model of personal engagement in classrooms, clinics and social groups.

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Nelson recently advised on some specific measures that have been put in place to support our school and post-secondary customers who are being asked to transition to e-learning models.



The Social Express is an online resource that provides an excellent opportunity to navigate the convoluted landscape of acquiring and building social skills. This Social Express is successful tool to use in virtual and face to face gatherings, one on one and in groups, at home and in the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Social Express is primarily intended for elementary school-aged children (K-3) as well as those with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities, pragmatic language deficits or other social-cognitive challenges. Depending on their emotional and social abilities, younger children and young adults may also benefit from using the software.

Yes, your child is provided with their own username and password. They may work independently and play the Webisodes and corresponding Quizzes that the care-giver or teacher has assigned to him/her. 

Yes! The Social Express can be used with small groups of children. The program works especially well on an interactive whiteboard, and children love role-playing after each lesson! 

Becoming socially competent requires individuals to know how to read a situation and figure out what to say or do. It is difficult in school or home settings to replicate the same situation with two different outcomes for the child to observe. However, The Social Express provides the user with an opportunity to view both positive and negative outcomes, and to learn how these outcomes impact others. 

Video modeling is a method of teaching that uses videos to provide a visual model of targeted behaviors or skills. Evidence-based research suggests that video modeling can be effectively implemented with children from early childhood through middle school. This practice may prove useful with high school-aged learners as well, although no studies have been identified that support the use of video modeling at this age level. 

Yes! The Social Express includes an easy-to-follow, 31-week intervention, complete with: Pre-Post Assessments, Daily Planners and accompanying Worksheets for each Lesson. Animated Webisodes are the anchor for each Lesson.