PRIME Patterns and Algebra Strand Kit

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What’s included in each PRIME kit?

The Developmental Maps (two versions are provided in poster format)
• Phases and Indicators maps describe each phase using behavourial indicators
• Visual Overview maps provide an at-a-glance visual representation of what students know and can do at each phase

Guide to Using the Development Map – These guides help teachers understand how students learn math
developmentally in each strand and provide strategies to enhance and differentiate instruction. Includes:
• Reduced-size version of the developmental maps
• A description of each phase
• Representative student responses
• Strategies to prepare students for the next phase

Background and Strategies Book – These books are designed to increase teacher knowledge and understanding of key mathematics concepts, skills, and processes. Includes:
• Explanations of critical concepts and skills
• Approaches to teaching, learning, and assessing concepts and skills
• Sample student responses
• Guidance on tailoring instruction to the strand and student

Diagnostic Tools Book – This book can be used to confirm a student’s placement on the developmental map.
It’s recommended that Kindergarten to Grade 3 students be interviewed and Grade 4 onward complete a paper and pencil diagnostic. Scoring guides include detailed scoring guidelines and sample responses.