PM Science Facts Blue/Green I Am Deaf Lvl 11-12: I Am Deaf (6-pack)

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PM Science Facts is a carefully levelled, nonfiction series within the PM Family that is tailored to the key learning areas of science. The series features the same consistent PM levelling that is used throughout the PM Family. This series uses strong photographic and literacy content to introduce the exploration of the world around us.

PM Science Facts levelled books cover four science themes:

  1. Exploring My World
  2. Animals in My World
  3. Exploring My Senses
  4. Exploring My Planet

Each nonfiction title includes text features: table of contents, chapter headings, and glossary. Teacher notes on the inside front cover provide support during guided reading.

Books in this series also use a variety of text types, including:

  • Report
  • Recount
  • Procedure
  • Explanation
  • Description
  • Observation