Ontario Writing Assessment Grade 7

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Ontario Writing Assessment (OWA) a writing assessment program that:

  • is based on the revised Ontario Curriculum and Achievement Chart
  • provides a common assessment tool for teachers, schools and districts
  • provides consistent reliable data
  • features authentic anchors with rationales that bring to life the four Levels of the Achievement Chart
  • provides “Next Steps” based on the unique needs of students

Ontario Writing Assessment allows teachers to determine each student’s strengths and needs in writing. The results from this assessment can be used to help plan and deliver appropriate programming and to measure student growth over time.

Each OWA Teacher's Guide includes several components to help you assess student writing, identify students' writing strengths and needs, and inform your instructional practices:

  • Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Language Expectations chart
  • Example of the OWA Scoring Process
  • Overview of Text Forms, Genres, and Formats across the Grades K-8
  • Task-Specific Writing Rubrics (One for each Writing Task)
  • On-Demand Writing Tasks (3 per grade)
  • Anchors and Rationales (16 per Writing Task)
  • Class Tracking Sheet
  • Overall Level Guide
  • Writing Self-Assessment
  • Writing Attitude Survey
  • Planning Guide: OWA Instructional Next Steps
  • Instructional Writing Strategies