Nelson Literacy 4 Guided and Independent Reading Kit, British Columbia Ed.: Guided and Independent Reading Kit

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Nelson Literacy is built on a comprehensive framework that provides multiple opportunities for explicit teaching and practice of the literacy strategies students need to be successful.

Oral Communication

  • Foundation for literacy learning
  • Students need numerous opportunities to talk about learning
  • Students need opportunities to develop skills and strategies that effective speakers and listeners use to interact with others


  • Complex process that involves applications of strategies before, during, and after reading
  • Students need to learn and apply a repertoire of reading strategies


  • To be able to communicate ideas with ease and clarity, students need opportunities to write for various purposes and audiences
  • Understand elements of effective writing and writing process

Media Literacy

  • Students need skills to critically interpret messages from various media
  • Use media to communicate their own ideas effectively
  • Develop critical thinking skills