Nelson Literacy 1 Storytelling Cross-Curricular Kit

Nelson Literacy 1 Storytelling Cross-Curricular Kit
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Nelson Literacy 1 consists of seven standalone cross-curricular kits. Every kit includes:

1 Theme Poster

  • Engaging photographs relate directly to the unit topic and focus questions
  • Springboard to discussion and ongoing inquiry

4 Canadian Real-Aloud Picture Books

  • Text-to-text connections are made using different genres, including fiction and informational texts
  • Promote meaning-making and vocabulary development

5 Shared Reading Posters

  • Large engaging images that introduce unit vocabulary and cross-curricular concepts
  • Encourage oral language and vocabulary development
  • 5 different types of posters:
  1. Let's Read and Talk
  2. Let's Read
  3. Let's Read and Write
  4. Let's Read and Look
  5. Let's Read and Sing

2 Poetry/Song Posters

  • Focus on enjoyment, participation, and phonological/phonemic awareness
  • Features 1 classic poem and 1 contemporary poem, or 1 poem and 1 song

2 Graphic Organizer Posters

  • 2 different organizers in every kit
  • Can be used across the unit to support development of literacy and cross-curricular concepts

12 Photo Cards

  • Engaging, real-life photos in every kit
  • Provide catalysts for discussion and reinforce unit vocabulary

1 Audio CD

  • Fluent recordings of texts included in the kit

1 Digital Resources DVD

  • Interactve versions of theme, shared reading, and poetry/song posters with embedded page-by-page audio
  • Interactive SMART Notebook lessons and activities for every Shared Reading poster
  • Image bank includes Photo Cards, templates, photos and illustrations, and labels for projection, printing and photocopying, creating your own resources, and more

1 Teacher's Resource

  • Includes unit focus questions, curriculum and cross-curricular connections, and suggested lessons/activities
  • Built in focus on oral language development
  • Integrated assessment opportunities
  • Suggestions for learning centres and differentiated instruction