My Math Path Kindergarten - Complete Set (Pre-Order)

My Math Path Kindergarten - Complete Set (Pre-Order)
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Math Success begins with My Math Path Kindergarten (Publishing February 2019) 

The only complete solution for a strong math foundation through play-based learning along developmental trajectories.

The complete set includes:

Provocation Cards

  • Over 100 laminated cards stored in a convenient box for classroom management
  • Invitations and provocations based on a developmental trajectory
  • A question or problem with photograph depicting suggestions for learning space setup
  • Teacher support for observing and naming the learning with “look fors”

Math Talks Big Book

  • Self-standing big book with 52 double sided pages provides teacher support for using the Math Talks
  • Rhymes, chants, and poems
  • Photographs to engage children in mathematical discussions
  • Math background to support teacher instruction

Teacher’s Resource (print + digital)

  • Developmental trajectories for each of the five mathematical strands
  • Math background – why children might struggle?
  • Assessment
  • Lesson support for the Math Talks Big Book
  • Links to related little books
  • Correlations and modifiable provocations included in the Online Teaching Centre