Language Power Now Level G Teacher's Resource

Language Power Now Level G Teacher's Resource
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About the Series

Language Power Now is a series of practice exercise that develops vocabulary, grammar, writing, and research skills. Each level in Language Power Now is composed of dozens of lessons that teach the specific skills that students need to be effective writers. Every lesson begins with an explanation of the skill, followed by exercises that allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the skill and apply it with real writing practice.

Language Power Now is designed to go beyond the traditional approach to teaching grammar, writing, vocabulary, and writing skills. This series offers:

  • Relevant Connections: In the instruction and sample text, students are exposed to real-world content, including topics and vocabulary from science, social studies, health, and math
  • Research Skills: Students will learn effective research methods, such as developing inquiry questions, searching for and evaluating sources, taking notes and citing to avoid plagiarism, and protecting their privacy online
  • In-Context Applications: Many lessons provide students with writing opportunities to immediately apply the skills learned in a variety of topics and forms, from short answers to several paragraphs
  • Real-World Application: Every lesson ends with a task that requires students to use the lesson skill in their own writing, across all stages of the writing process, with extrernal texts or with peers

How the Series is Organized

Each student book is organized into six sections.

  • Work with Vocabulary
  • Build Sentences
  • Know Capitalization and Punctuation
  • Grasp Grammar and Usage
  • Craft and Compose
  • Develop Research Skills

Across the series, the skills in each section build on the previous books along a continuum of understanding. To support students at various levels of understanding and ability, each Language Power Now book is designed to be used at any grade level in a regular classroom setting or for additoinal practice for students who need extra support. Most classrooms have students working at multiple levels, so multiple workbooks can be used in one classroom and lessons assigned according to individual student needs. Each lesson is written in accessible language to allow for independent work.