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Key Links offers shared, guided, and independent reading resources for K–6 classrooms. Key Links supports students to think deeply about what they have read and supports teachers with embedded lesson notes.

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Teacher Support Panel designed to save you time

Includes suggested activities and questions on every page so you don’t have to create from scratch

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Embedded support for guided reading and take-home reading

Offers activities for before, during, and after reading.

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Encourages critical thinking and comprehension

Questions and activities build comprehension and higher-order thinking skills. 

Written by Internationally-acclaimed Author, Jill Eggleton!



“I developed this series as a result of observing the pressures and time limitations in today’s classrooms. Key Links provides teachers with explicit guidance on every page, in every book, which ensures that all the necessary literacy skills are covered at the appropriate stage.”
Based in New Zealand, Jill Eggleton is an international educational consultant in literacy with a wide variety of teaching experiences spanning 30 years. She has trained teachers and implemented internationally-recognized literacy programs with educators and administrators in Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Watch Jill Eggleton explain how to use Key Links resources. Learn the philosophy behind each series and practical applications for your classroom.

Series Overview

Explore shared, guided, independent, and small-group independent reading within the Key Links series.


Shared Reading


Poetry Cards – Grades K-2

Use poetry to reinforce the rhythm of language and create a powerful vehicle for oral literacy development.

  • Oral literacy development: Every poetry card uses rhymes, chants, and rhythm to build comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and phonics/phonemic awareness
  • Explicit teacher support: Point-of-use prompts on the back of every poetry card provide a 5-day lesson plan for shared reading

Each grade-level poetry card set includes:

  • 10 unique large-format poetry cards with explicit teacher support
  • 1 Teacher’s Resource CD that offers:
    • Audio of each poem read by author Jill Eggleton
    • Blackline Master versions of each poetry card



Shared Readers – Grades K–3

Exciting, Read-Aloud 11.75” x 15.25” Shared Readers are fun for the whole class! Patterned, rhythmical, rhyming text helps students learn and practise listening and speaking skills, and develop a rich oral vocabulary.

  • Engage students with magical, rhythmical language
  • Save time with embedded 5-day lesson plan
  • Build comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills
  • Respond and make connections to develop comprehension


Guided and Independent Reading

The fiction selections feature vibrant illustrations and recurring characters to engage all readers. Documentary-style nonfiction selections feature outstanding photography and include graphic organizers, maps, visual summaries, and more!

  • 212 Levelled Readers: 101 fiction and 111 nonfiction
  • Teacher Tools Binder
    • Includes comprehensive Program Overview
    • Assessment Guide
    • Implementation Guide for each level, and Benchmark Books and Benchmark Cards




Peer Reading

Grades 2–3

Bridge the gap between guided and independent reading. Students work together to practise and apply comprehension strategies and oral language skills to gain reading independence.

114 levelled Little Books: 36 nonfiction, 12 fiction

  • Focus on high-yield comprehension strategies: predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarizing
  • Peer-learning based on reciprocal teaching and gradual release of responsibility
  • Student-directed groups free the teacher to work with other students


Introducing levels Mango, Kiwi, and Raspberry, with 22 new titles at each level!

Please contact your Nelson representative to learn more.

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